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1. Your use of this site constitutes your acceptance of these terms. If you do not fully accept them, your access to this site is considered without permission and you must stop using it immediately.

2. (Al Gheed Community) reserves the right to amend these terms at any time.

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4. You may not copy, reproduce or publish the material on this site in any way under penalty of legal prosecution.

5. You may not modify, alter or adapt the material on this site to create a new work or use it for any purpose other than for your personal, non-commercial use.

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7. You expressly agree to use this site at your own risk, assume all risk and agree that (Al Gheed Community) or any of its employees, agents, or persons providing the material on this site or licensing the use of our website or any of them makes no warranties provided that the service on this site will be uninterrupted or error-free, or that any defects that may exist therein will be corrected, or that the site on which it is provided or the means for its presentation is free of viruses or software pests.

8.The (Al Gheed Community) site maintains the data of its subscribers on highly efficient operating devices, databases and protection systems, and you agree that the site keeps your personal data and its use by its concerned departments, and you agree not to give this data to any commercial or non-commercial institutions or companies until after express consent from you. You agree that the site is not responsible for the leakage of part or all of the subscriber member’s data due to burglaries and vandalism carried out by attackers and hackers on the Internet. And that the site or any of the responsibility is not responsible for the damage or loss of this data for any reason, and you agree to enter it on the site without any charge, and you agree to the right of the site to stop the privileges provided free of charge to subscribers to membership at any time and without prior notice.

9. Neither (Al Gheed Community) nor any person involved in preparing, producing or distributing any material on this site shall bear any responsibility for any direct or indirect material or moral damage arising from the use of this site or from the inability to use it or from any error, omission or defect there is, or from the incorrectness of the information it provides, or from any delay or interruption in its transmission.

10. You agree to indemnify (Al Gheed Community) its directors, employees and agents for any loss incurred by any of them due to your use of this website.

11. All rights in this site, including copyright and ownership rights to the information and content of the site, are owned by (Al Gheed Community) or licensed to or used by namecheap.com in accordance with the law.

12. These Terms shall apply to the laws of Dubai, the United Arab Emirates and its courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction over disputes arising therefrom.

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